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Reach recipients everywhere.

Perfect display of eCards on all devices.

Internationally flexible use.

Consistent multilingualism for eCards.

Create your own motifs.

Easy creation of new card designs without programming.

Plan mailings effectively.

Preview function and scheduled mailing.

Reduce misdirected mail.

Intelligent import functions for addresses, central bounce management and global blacklists.

Measuring success.

Global and user-related statistics and connection to analysis tools.

Work on the move.

User interface optimized for all devices.

The features in detail

Address administration

  • Import of address lists with validation

  • Meta properties such as groups, etc.

  • Comprehensive blacklisting


  • Standard templates and individual templates

  • Simple definition of the motif based on the templates

  • Multilingualism

  • Personalization of eCards and mails via markers

  • HTML5 eCards in responsive design


  • Opening rates

  • Dispatch statistics

  • Global evaluation (users, motifs, etc.)


  • Preview function

  • Time-controlled dispatch

  • Dispatch overview with opening rates

  • Bounce Management


  • Browser-based working environment

  • Can be used via desktop, tablet and mobile devices

  • Comprehensive user management

  • Multilingual user interface

Additional features

  • Integration of remarketing codes for targeted follow-up campaigns

  • Possible connection to existing systems (CRM, CMS)

  • Individual extensions possible