General questions

Absolutely! Besides the possibilities to use our template library or to hire our design team for an individual design, you can also upload your own assets (e.g. cover, inside, background) or even videos (e.g. for cover or background).

Detailed explanations and examples of the three ways can be found on this page.


By uploading your contact list, our system can access individual information such as title, first name, last name or other individual fields for each recipient. By using markers in the eCard or e-mail text, Power eCard automatically inserts the desired personal information at the appropriate place for each individual eCard/email.

You can design your eCard completely individually, including the integration of your company logo.

With Power eCard, you have various options for incorporating your own signature into the eCard – it’s your choice. Of course, you can also integrate several signatures into one card, e.g. of all colleagues in your team.

By default, a Power eCard address generated by our system is used. Of course, you can also use your own company address (starting from Corporate license), for this you only have to make a few adjustments in the DNS settings of your hosting provider.

Data protection is very important to us, which is why we attach great importance to protecting the data of your contacts. With a comprehensive package of measures we have made Power eCard fit for the GDPR and have also since developed additional functions especially for it. You can find all details here.

Of course! You as an administrator (often the marketing department) prepare everything for the mailing (eCard design, texts, etc.), so that your colleagues only have to do three things: 1) log in, 2) upload their recipient list and 3) start the mailing.

Absolutely! You can create the cards in as many languages as you like and send them worldwide. Please note: The user interface of Power eCard is available in both German and English.

Normally the shipping is done completely via our Power eCard system. However, it is also possible to generate a single eCard link and send it to your contacts yourself. Please note: Personalization is not possible here.

Pricing and packages

Usually you pay with us on account. If you prefer an alternative method of payment, please contact us at [email protected].

Yes, our team of experienced conceptors, designers and developers will be happy to assist you and realize your individual requirements. Please contact us.

We would be pleased to send you a written offer. Please contact us.

Still questions?

Please contact us via email with your questions about the system, license models or functions.

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Any questions?

Please contact us via email with your questions about the system, license models or functions.

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