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All prices are exclusively for business customers and are subject to VAT. Payment for the complete license period is made in advance. Subject to change without notice. Payment is made in advance for the duration of the license. The annual license is automatically renewed if it is not cancelled informally (e-mail, fax, post) 1 month before expiry. Unless otherwise agreed, discounts are only valid for the first license year, thereafter the valid list price applies. For the use of the Power eCard Software, the terms of use at apply.

Additional flexibility: Expand your package with optional add-on modules

Add-on modules from the areas of licensing, design & creation

Double eCards

Double the
amount of eCards

from 199 €

Double Users

Double the
amount of Users

from 199 €

eCard Design

Request our design team
for an individual design

499 €

eCard Creation

Let us create your design
in the system for you

249 €

Add-on modules from the areas of support & consulting


The kickoff package for Freelance
& Small Business clients

399 €

Onboarding plus

The full service package for
Corporate & Enterprise clients

799 €

Digital Christmas cards from the exclusive UNICEF card collection

Digital Christmas cards from the exclusive UNICEF card collection

UNICEF meets Power eCard

UNICEF meets Power eCard

Support UNICEF by sending digital Christmas cards with Power eCard. All proceeds from the “UNICEF Design” add-on go 100% to UNICEF without deductions.

New in 2023:
From now on, every Christmas design with our most popular template ” folding card” is available as a UNICEF donation card. In addition, you will soon find some more new and exclusive UNICEF designs in our library.

Ideal for any size of business – from small to large, and especially for large medium-sized companies and corporations!

All Features

Use Freelance Small Business Corporate Enterprise
eCards #start Your number of available eCards (during the booked license period) or the number of receivers to whom you can send an eCard. #end 300 2000 5000 Unlimited
Users #start Your number of available users (usually employees in the company) to send eCards independently with a personal greeting. #end 1 10 100 Unlimited
Layout & Design Freelance Small Business Corporate Enterprise
Unlimited design flexibility #start Design personal eCards according to your ideas by using your own images, colours & texts. #end true true true true
Access to library with free standard designs #start Select ready-made designs from our library & modify them according to your wishes. #end true true true true
Access to all templates #start Folding card, flip card, form & Co.: Choose the right template for your occasion. #end all all all all
Customisation Freelance Small Business Corporate Enterprise
Standard subdomain for eCard links #start Use our standard Power eCard subdomain for your eCard links (Following the pattern #end true true true true
Own subdomain for eCard links #start Use a freely selectable subdomain within your own company domain (e.g. for your eCard links. #end false true true true
Own domain (top-level) for eCard links #start Reservieren Sie eine Kampagnen-Domain für Ihre eCard-Links (Nach dem Muster [Domainkosten nicht inkludiert] #end false false false optional
Own sender adress #start Use your company domain and let employees send eCards with their business email address. #end false true true true
Multiple sender adresses #start Send eCards with different sender addresses via several company domains. #end false false false true
Sending via own SMTP server #start Configure Power eCard so that the emails are sent via your own existing SMTP server. This option offers maximum control, flexibility and delivery reliability. #end false false true true
User interface in company look #start Design the user interface in your corporate design (incl. logo & colours). #end false false true true
More Features Freelance Small Business Corporate Enterprise
Personalisation of eCards and e-mails #start Use dynamic markers to address your receivers individually. Once they are set up, personalisation is automatic. #end true true true true
Animated eCards with pictures, videos & sounds true true true true
Personal address book for each user #start Each user can manage his own addresses separately. #end true true true true
Easy import of address lists #start Upload your Excel recipient list to the system with a few clicks. #end true true true true
Group management with standard recipient fields true true true true
Intelligent group management with individual receiver fields #start Simplify complex dispatch processes with the help of individual receiver fields and groups. #end false false true true
Scheduled sending #start Plan the dispatch date of your eCard, at which our system will automatically send the mailing. #end true true true true
Multilinguality & Internationalization #start Create eCards in any language and reach contacts all over the world. #end true true true true
Statistics #start Measure the success of your campaigns and find out what percentage of recipients have opened the cards. #end true true true true
Global blacklisting #start Add email addresses to a global blacklist so that they cannot receive any emails from you or other users. #end true true true true
Bounce management #start Check at any time which receivers are unable to receive e-mails. #end true true true true
SSO/Active directory #start Allow your employees access to the Power eCard platform with existing internal login data. #end false false false optional
Hosting & Data Protection Freelance Small Business Corporate Enterprise
Secure Hosting in Germany true true true true
Data Processing Agreement #start Data protection via our audited & standardized contract for order data processing. #end true true true true
Individual Data Processing Agreement #start You will receive a custom data processing agreement (DPA) tailored to your needs. #end false false false true
Support Freelance Small Business Corporate Enterprise
Support center #start Benefit from our extensive online tutorials, with which we explain the use of Power eCard in detail.#end true true true true
Support via email #start We are available for support questions by email on working days between 9 AM and 5 PM (response time max. 2 working days). #end false true true true
Premium support via email #start We are available for support questions by email on working days between 9 AM and 5 PM. Response time: max. 1 business day). #end false false true true
Premium support & Personal contact person #start Your account manager is available via email and phone on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. Email response time: max. 1 business day. #end false false false true
Individual SLA with guaranteed response times #start We agree on an individual support contract for your requirements. #end false false false optional


You always start with a free trial version with which you can use Power eCard free of charge for 14 days with all features and a contingent of 25 eCards (so you can send cards to 25 recipients) and 5 users. If you would like to use our solution beyond this, you can upgrade to a licence directly in your individual Power eCard test system during the test phase. The upgrade takes place automatically directly after booking, all data and settings are retained.

We understand that every company has individual requirements for package sizes and functions. Above you will therefore find an overview of packages that differ in terms of the number of eCards/recipients, the number of users/senders as well as some functions. If you need help choosing the right package, please feel free to contact our team.

We offer Power eCard in different licence packages. The license costs depend primarily on four factors:

  1. One-time license (90 days) for a single occasion (e.g. Christmas) or continuous license (12 months) for use on different occasions (e.g. Christmas, birthday cards, event invitations, …).
  2. The number of eCards you want to send (i.e. total number of recipients)
  3. The number of users/senders (i.e. number of different employees in your organization who should have access to the system).
  4. The features you want, such as the ability to configure your own domains for the eCard links, to customise the user interface to your corporate design or to use Single Sign On to log into the system.

If the packages do not fit your requirements, please contact our team. We will be happy to create an individual offer for you.

You can pay Power eCard by credit card, direct debit or Paypal. Customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can pay on account after consultation.

While the one-time license with a term of 90 days is ideal for one-off mailing campaigns (e.g. for the Christmas mailing or an event invitation), the continuous license with a term of 12 months is the perfect solution for sending eCards on a regular basis.
The advantages of an annual license are:

  • Monthly card quota and thus permanent use for digital communication such as invitations, congratulations and much more! You can find many ideas and inspirations here:
  • The system is ready to use for the next mailing at any time – without having to set it up again.
  • Ongoing updates and new functions are provided automatically.
  • Permanent data storage – all settings, motifs, address data and users are retained.
Yes, our team of experienced conceptual developers, designers and software developers will be happy to assist you and implement your individual requirements. Please contact us.

Yeah, that’s possible. Your data will be retained when you upgrade to a continuing license.

We will be happy to send you a written offer. Please contact us. ​

Yes, our team of experienced conceptors, designers and developers will be happy to support you and realise your individual requirements. Please contact us. ​

We will be happy to advise and support you in order to use Power eCard in the best possible way for your customer projects.

We are happy to support non-profit organizations with a discount. Please contact us.​

We place great value on data protection and security! Therefore we host the Power eCard System for you on a secure server in Germany. Each customer has their own personal database in which the address data is stored. It is explicitly not a global database for all of our customers – so cross access is not possible! The data in the individual database is only stored until the customer either deletes the address data himself via the backend (e.g. individual data records or global deletion of a user and thus deletion of the personal address book of this user) or the license expires and thus the entire system including the database is completely deleted.

Any questions?

The answers to many questions about Power eCard can be found in our FAQs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us by email.

Any questions?

The answers to many questions about Power eCard can be found in our FAQs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us by email.